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Why triathlon anyway?

It's been  quite some time since my last post... So i thought i would write somethign that I had been thinking about for a while!

As a 30 someting year old guy, why do I do this.  I mean, It's incredibly time consuming, its challenging, INCREDIBLY expensive, you have to wake up crazy early to train and race... Why do THIS sport?  Why not golf, or beer league softball, or any number of things that someone of my age can do. 

I have done a lot of stuff in my life.  Lots of different things that range from sports, to other activities.  SO why this.  I think its a cumulative of all those reasons above (with the exception of the expensive part.... could do without that).  When I played golf, I would play twice a week.  One night during the week after work, and on Sunday mornings.  i would go to the driving range, I would buy all the latest and greatest gear and technology, and practice.  I saw marginal gains in performance.  But for what?  So i could drive the ball 300+ yards, and show off for my foursome?  There was no competition.  No fire.  Then  stumbled upon this sport.  This lifestyle.  I expend a tremendous amount of resources, wake up early to train, diet, deprive myself of other things that I used to enjoy so I can swim, bike or run every day of the week.   Its hard, its exhausting, and I love it.   I love the journey I have been on, the people i have met so far, and continue to meet.  The journeys that people go on, to find themselves, to lose weight, to accomplish a goal.  All of these things that we do.  It has given me peace.  I have grown more patient with things, and realize how foolish I have been in the past.  It has given me strength... Not just physical, although that is an amaizng thing to me in itself, but also mental strength.  The ability to push myself further than I have ever gone before.  The ability to test the very limits of my mental fortitude.  

So when people ask why this sport... I couldn't imagine my life without it.  It has become a part of me, who I am. 

Thanks for reading.. I just had to get that out there!

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